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I know that a few of our readers might be pretty sad about me including such costly tripods and ball heads in this list of drugs and accessories for travel. However, as I have said in my article on shopping for a tripod, don’t fool your self into pondering you could get a cheap and reliable tripod – there isn’t a such thing. However, its largest problem is its thin legs, which can get shaky when placing heavier loads.

Mine has been discontinued and replaced with the Gitzo GT1545TUS, which is as gentle and as small as mine but has better total development. Lastly, let’s take a look at some optional accessories and different items that could be wanted when traveling abroad. When climbing at evening, I personally prefer to use an LED headlight, since it’s much more handy and it frees up my arms. Again, I choose to go for simple, comparatively cheap and reliable headlights like the Pelican Progear 2760.

It may be very compact, which is ideal for travel pictures. You will need 3 AAA batteries to energy the Pelican Progear 2760, and the batteries last for a long time. These issues are tremendous quick, small, lightweight and dependable. I even have been using mine for a number of years now and it has all the time carried out.

It is also a reasonably low tripod, which may make it a bit painful to use for extended periods of time. Still, when I need … Read More