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I’ve written a number of guitar parts for songs and by no means expected writing credits – I didn’t write the principle melody or harmony, or any of the lyrics. Quoting Stephen Pate “I’ll imagine Levon simply because he’s the extra genuine voice on the songs.” The guy whose only writing credit score without help is Milk Cow Blues. Songwriter, there doesn’t seem to be much evidence of that. Do you could have hyperlink to the John Simon autobiography, as a result of I just spent a fair amount of time searching for one and there doesn’t appear to be any evidence of it anyplace. I messaged his web site about it, so I must wait on the answer.

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It has been established by comments of those related carefully with The Band and have considerable perception into the songwriting business, notably John Simon and Jonathan Taplin are quite explicitly on the facet of Robbie Robertson. The songs that Robertson wrote, he wrote on his personal while the others had been out having enjoyable and the finished track was offered to them for association. As to the primary issues in the article by Stephen Pate, I assume the reality lies someplace between their two accounts.

I would imagine that if The Band had set it up for Robbie to get seventy five% of all royalties and the rest of the band to split the remaining 25%, these other … Read More