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However, there isn’t a evidence that bats in the United States are a source of the virus that causes COVID-19 for people. Further studies are wanted to know if and the way bats could be affected by COVID-19. Currently, there isn’t any evidence to recommend the virus that causes COVID-19 is circulating in free-living wildlife within the United States, or that wildlife might be a source of an infection for folks within the United States. The first case of a wild animal testing optimistic for the virus within the United States was a tiger with a respiratory illness at a zoo in New York City. However, this tiger was in a captive zoo environment ,and public well being officials believe the tiger became sick after being exposed to a zoo worker who was contaminated and spreading the virus.

When You’re Traveling

In general, coronaviruses don’t cause sickness or demise in bats, but we don’t yet know if this new coronavirus would make North American species of bats sick. Bats are an important part of natural ecosystems, and their populations are already declining within the United States. Bat populations could possibly be additional threatened by the illness itself or by hurt inflicted on bats resulting from a misconception that bats are spreading COVID-19.

Routine testing of animals isn’t beneficial at this time, and any tests done on animals are carried out on a case by case foundation. If you must care on your pet or be round … Read More