Want to Save Successfully? This is the Secret of the Right Way to Save

Want to Save Successfully? This is the Secret of the Right Way to Save

Actually saving is something you can do if your income is more than your daily needs. Makes sense, right? But that doesn’t mean you who have mediocre income cannot set aside money.
Here we provide some secrets about saving that you need to know, as well as to help you manage your financial condition cara menabung yang benar

Savings in a separate account

Setting aside 10-20% of income and transferring it to another account is an effective way to save. This also applies if you want to save for your child’s education expenses. Make it difficult to access this account, don’t bring your debit card with you so you won’t be tempted to use it.

Allocate income

Apart from saving, allocate your money for other things such as investments, children’s education savings, retirement savings, and daily necessities. If possible, do this automatically every month when you receive your salary. Similar to the first point, separating these fund allocations in different accounts will certainly be very helpful. That way you will be more disciplined in managing finances and only use enough money according to your daily needs.

Self cooking

For those of you who often buy your food in finished condition, then you miss the opportunity to save significantly. Buy your kitchen and cooking necessities at once, shopping for ingredients for your needs every week or every few days can also save time and money.

Take advantage of discounts

Shopping for monthly needs by taking advantage of discounts or vouchers will certainly help you save money. Frequently search for info on which stores or supermarkets are offering discounted prices.
Taking advantage of shopping promos is also useful because supermarkets often cooperate with certain bank institutions and offer discounts using their credit or credit cards.

Buy new items with new money

You want to buy a new device or smartphone because you are interested in its features even though the cellphone you are currently using can still function properly, that’s okay. However, it is better if you do not use the money you currently have to buy these items. Focus on what you want so that you will earn or save more money and spend less. Don’t cut your savings to buy things you want impulsively.

Avoid credit or installments

This is the top secret about saving that you need to know. It’s easier to save when you don’t have any installments. You will be surprised at how quickly your money collects when your income doesn’t go out each month to pay your installments. In order to keep you from this one credit trap, change your mindset. Ask yourself if you really need to own your own house? Is it not enough to contract? Do you need to pay off a car? What is wrong with the motorbike that you have now or by taking public transportation?